Allison Arnold

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Allison Arnold – Co-owner

Allison is Wayland’s high school sweetheart and though he taught her to ski at age 14 at “the camp” she had never skied again until their reunion 23 years later! Having lived in several states, she worked as a secretary, owned a ballroom dance studio and sold life insurance, finally settling on a career in advertising which she has been involved in for over 25 years, the last 11 with Comcast Spotlight. Her love of boats, water and skiing goes almost as deep as her love of ballroom dancing - which she became involved in again 6 years ago. When absent from the lake, she is most likely participating in a competition somewhere in the country with her professional partner, who is also their good personal friend and an avid water skier.

When not at the lake, they live on their five acre family farm in Nolensville TN. Wayland and Allison (aka Poppa and Mallie) have a combined family of six children, their spouses, eight granddaughters and two cats! It’s a good thing they enjoy the good ‘ol outdoors as much as they do. Keeping up their five acres, multiple flower gardens, and an outdoor handgun range, doesn’t leave them much time to be inside! And keeping with family tradition, they help take care of Wayland’s Mom and Dad’s acreage as well. Better known as Granny and Grandpa, now 89 and 90 years young, the Arnold’s have made this their homestead for four generations.

Allison, as a not so silent partner, handles the marketing and bookkeeping for the business, as well as being the decorator and responsible for the “nature corner” at the shop, displaying many rocks, geodes and fossils, as well as waterfall and wildflower pictures, all of which they found during their many hiking excursions around the lake. They invite you to stop by and see these beautiful treasures native to the area as well as their very unique and friendly, family oriented sewing shop in the building that was actually the original marina at Sligo!