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Boogs – Company Mascat

Have you ever heard of a lake cat!? Well now you have………Boogs is a five year old, big and beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat that Allison and Wayland rescued at 5 weeks old. His first trip to the lake was the day after they got him and he has accompanied them ever since. Though, like most cats, he hates the water, he absolutely loves watching fish and turtles in the lake. Except for the time he jumped a bit too far and ended up plunking in the lake like a dropped watermelon, he also loves sunning on the boat deck and catching bugs on the fly bridge. In fact, he loves it so much that when it’s time to leave, Boogs is sometimes nowhere to be found. But mostly, Boogs will be idling around the pontoon or ski boat, lounging on the dock, or sitting high in his cat tree inside the houseboat….snoozing, or just gazing out the window. He even has his very own area set up at the shop and may greet you when you arrive. Just tell him you saw him on the website and he’ll give you a free floating keychain!!